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Worldpoly History

With 55 years of history - we’re built to last

Worldpoly is an Australian-based company that has successfully lead the polyethylene pipe and fittings industry for over 55 years. Leaders in the development and production of international standard PE pipe welding fusion equipment from 40 to 3000mm, 1 ½ to 120”, we now export an Australian-engineered butt welding machine range to 107 countries worldwide. We also manufacture an Australian-made high pressure butt welding range.

As winners of State and National Export Awards, Worldpoly is renowned for the production of operator friendly equipment operating in the worlds’ most remote and unfriendly environments, while producing welds which well exceed the requirements of ISO and ASTM Standards, and the demands of contractors

export award for butt welding equipment manufacturing    


The Hall family polyethylene pipe heritage spans over 3 generations and over 50 years. Many say polyethylene is in their blood, or even within their DNA!

The business origins begin when Tom Hall Snr. started as a tool maker in Australia some 70 years ago, following a position as Foreman at the Commonwealth Aircraft Factory during the Second World War. During an early visit to the UK, Mr. Hall Snr. made a visit to the UK’s ICI company where he was one of the first in the world to be introduced to their new extrusion grade polyethylene. Coming from a wheat farm in outback Australia, he quickly realised the potential for Australian polyethylene pipe production for the many possibilities and improvements it could bring to rural Australia.

The PE pipe family business, soon named Flowmaster, was born in 1960 and its initial success came the old-fashioned way - from orders received selling pipe from farm to farm across Victoria and Southern New South Wales.  The Hall family business was the first to produce polyethylene in the Southern Hemisphere.  Tom Hall was revered for his expertise and wrote the first Australian dimensional specification for polyethylene pipe. It was during this time that Rob Hall played hide and seek with his brothers amongst coils of pipe in their Carlton (Melbourne) factory.

Rob Hall served his business apprenticeship as right-hand man to Tom while he learnt the skills needed for manufacture, sales and service know-how. Rob worked as Sales Manager with Flowmaster for many years before expanding into another operation, being Von-Roll Hall. This was a joint-venture with the Swiss company von Roll, who were one of the inventors of electrofusion jointing system for PE and PP pipe systems.  Von-Roll Hall manufactured polyethylene pipe fittings to 1200mm diameter, serving many clients in both Australia and overseas. The company evolved into Wavin Hall, following the acquisition of the von Roll Plastics Division by the Dutch company Wavin, the leading supplier of plastic pipe systems and solutions in Europe with Licensees throughout the world. As the Australian Licensee of Wavin for eight years, Wavin Hall gained excellent expertise and exposure to technology and international business in the plastic pipe industry.

Rob Hall has been a part of the Australian Pipe industry for 50+ years and has had significant roles while shaping it over time.  In the 70’s, Rob was on the Australian Standards Association Committee for Plastic Pipe and Fittings, and was also a representative for Small Business on the Senate Committee for the Plastics Industry in the 90’s.  Worldpoly is proudly now in its third generation with the addition of Nikita and Jordan Hall.

Dossier of 50 years;
Industries including Water, Mining, Gas, Sewer and Drainage.
Projects including Major and Regional Water and Sewerage Authorities from Australia to Vietnam and the Maldives, Major and Regional Gas Companies from New Zealand to Colombia, Mining Companies throughout the world from Peru to Senegal including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Xstrata and Barrick, Fittings Producers from South Africa to Germany and Turkey, Pipeline Contractors from Chile, Saudi Arabia and Norway to Ghana, New Caledonia and Russia.

From the mines in the deserts of South America to fish farms in Malaysia, freeze-resistant welds in Antarctica and the technical requirements of Germany, we’ve done it all. We have the Polyethylene Pipe & Fittings industry know-how, expertise and contacts to tackle whatever our clients can throw at us.

Not only do we manufacture and supply some of the best PE welding machinery on the market, we also offer international training and advice – so you know you’ve got on-ground support to ensure a premium outcome, every time, everywhere.

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