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Here's some pictures and stories recently added to our our Social Media profiles:

1. Myanmar cooperation between Authentic Industries and Worldpoly. Photos show the commencement of the official Myanmar National Training Centre for PE pipe welding. Machines featured: Worldpoly Workshop Welding Equipment from 90 to 1200mm.
More information http://bit.ly/1s4eWy0
2. Expomin Mining, Chile - PolyForce630 Series2 Butt Welding Machine is so easy even a child can operate!
3. Electra Mining, Johannesburg - exhibition stand with Hydrodifusion. Featuring PolyForce630 Series 2; Automatic.
4. PolyRover630 Butt Welding equipment - onsite in Yallourn, Victoria.


Butt Welding Workshop Training launch

Keep up with the latest news, products, services and movements of Worldpoly on Facebook and LInkedin.