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Worldpoly PolyForce - Australian Welding Innovation

PolyForce - Australian-made welding innovation from Worldpoly

High and low pressure welding, easy to operate and maintain, rugged and reliable – PolyForce630.

 Proudly designed, engineered and australian made in Lynbrook, Australia. 

 Resulting from more than 50 years and three generations in PE pipe and welding; PolyForce630 is a practical, rugged, impressively productive polyethylene pipe welding system.

With the introduction of high-pressure welding specifications, the need for a single platform solution for the needs of contractors operating in remote, unfriendly environments was obvious.  While existing solutions answered some of these needs, actual site conditions needed careful understanding. Worldpoly brings the required experience to the table. Worldpolys’ PolyForce630 must be used to be believed; particularly for its’ significant reductions in welding times.

  Construction and Warranty

PolyForce630 is engineered and manufactured in Australia for a tough world. With clients in 101 countries from Australia to Peru, Senegal to Russia, Worldpolys’ experience demanded tough construction, and our three year manufacturers’ warranty shows our level of conviction. 
In such environments, everything else is irrelevant if your equipment breaks down. Worldpoly machines go the distance, and are backed by international service, support and training.


High & low pressure welding

  • CNC or manual operation
  • Removal of operator variables
  • Hydraulic clamps
  • Hydraulic operation of heating plate and facing tool
  • Fast, automatic changeover following heating
  • Easy trench welding
  • Low noise 1500 RPM generator   


  • Operator safety
  • Economy – low fuel consumption
  • Clamp crash protection
  • Flexibility – welding between clamps 2 & 3 or 3 & 4
  • Pipe lifting rollers

Low cost, easy Maintenance

  • PolyForce630 and tracked base use Bosch Rexroth hydraulics, C-top valves, controllers and PLC.
  • Serviceable anywhere.


  • The welding operation uses intuitive controls. Select the welding standard, pipe diameter and wall thickness or SDR.
  • PolyForce automatically controls temperature, time and pressure for the entire weld, and when selected data-logs up to 2000 welds for your QA records.
  • Alternatively, manual control can be selected. Simple!
  • The tracked base features Bosch Rexroth supplied wireless controls, keeping the operator away from the machine. When the signal is broken for any reason or the operator drops the controller, the tracks stop immediately.
  • With two-speed motion and double the power required, the tracked machine easily climbs 30 degree slopes, and the independent base can be used as a site work-horse.
  • The optional wheeled base provides offset steering for pipeline work, and a rugged platform for welding.

You'll be impressed by its ruggedness and impressive technology and better still with a price tag cheaper than other Australian imports. Email us for further information on sales@worldpoly.com;

  Australian-made and proud. There's only one Worldpoly

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