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Increasing potential through ongoing support.

At Worldpoly we understand how critical ongoing support is to the success of every project, no matter what the size.

We invest in highly qualified and experienced Application Technicians to train and assist our customers in safely operating Worldpoly’s machines to get optimal performance – no matter if your machine is old, new, in the field or in a workshop, in Vietnam, Durban or Berlin. Beyond our standard guarantee of access to an Applications Technician, our Applications Group also provides support to customers who seek to further develop their activities and potential.

butt welder worldpolyPolywelder butt welding workshop machine

With clients in 102 countries, and over 50 years’ of active history in the PE industry; Worldpoly has the contacts and experience to assist you in advancing your business activity in every PE aspect.
Photos capture Butt Welding training and support provided in Vietnam, Malaysia and South Africa.

Electro fusion welding training Malaysiabutt welding machine training south africa

Poly welder Sth AfricaPoly welder 630

Contact us for recommendations regarding applications and alternatives, contacts and opportunities.